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Detour: Outliving Termination

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My life story is much like a long trip. Two years ago I was terminated from a position that I had held for 18 years. The ensuing journey was replete with twists and turns, doubts, and what appeared on the surface to be dead-end streets. Although from the beginning I had a familiar voice guiding me, I wrestled for control.
The genesis for this book came from the journals that I kept during those two years. Inscribing those bits of my life onto scraps of paper somehow helped me separate the sense from the nonsense. Woven together, those pieces of my life provide little more than one person’s experiences and responses. I did not quilt them together in this book for more than that.
This book is not a “how-to” manual for surviving termination. I cannot nor would I even try to give answers to anyone else. I can only share my insights and my understandings. This book is not a montage of what it means to lose a job—although I considered that line as a subtitle at one point. My publisher kindly pointed out that when someone loses a job, he or she knows exactly what it means; no one needs to elaborate on those details.
This is not a book with a beginning or an end. I am on a journey, and this book represents only one leg of the trip. Life cannot be segmented. Experiences like dominoes affect other experiences. Moments build on other moments and life happens.
What then is my purpose, my hope in this book? First, I want to befriend those who have been hurt by termination. When I was fired, I tried, without much luck, to find resources—books, people—that could relate to my questions, doubts, and fears. I just needed to know that someone else had experienced at least some of the things that I was battling. That commonality alone would have inspired me when I was so desperate for something. My hope is that if you have lost your job, you find that thread of sameness in this book, and that for a moment that bond lifts your spirits.
More importantly, I hope this book demonstrates God’s guidance in my life. In each chapter, I try to share honestly with you as I struggled with questions and with control. The process is not an easy one. Notice that I use the present tense. I am still searching for answers; I am still seeking His direction. Now, however, I am confident in the navigation system. In my case, GPS is an acronym for God’s Positioning System, and I am confident that His data is current, and He has a plan for me.
Ultimately, my hope in this book is that if you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will open your heart to Him. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers the freedom and joy and security and peace that move the barricades aside when the sign says “Dead End".

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