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Arthur King

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Miss La Fay was once the richest, most powerful, most successful TV celebrity chef in the world. But then, I’m sure you already know that... don’t you? No? Are you sure? You must remember...

She was tall, beautiful, with long dark hair and a voice like chocolate sauce. She was on TV seven days a week, fifty-two weeks of the year and commanded an audience of millions right across the globe. From Great Britain to China, the U.S.A. to India, everyone knew her name. Cable, Satellite and – there was no escaping her recipes.

Other celebrity chefs around at the time met with strange and unexplained accidents, most notorious among them Colin ‘Big Mc’ McKee, found in the world’s biggest haggis, cooked for a Charity Dinner. You don’t remember him? You don't remember the haggis?

What about Guy Blancmange, the Michelin chef with the Michelin stars, now flipping burgers in a motorway service station? Or perhaps Arnaud de Foisgras, found fattened up in a pigsty on a farm in Northern France? You don’t remember any of them? Well, that isn’t surprising and to be honest, I know you won’t remember Miss La Fay at all. It’s only to be expected, and this story is the reason why you have forgotten her. You and everyone else in the world.

But it could have been so very, very different, if not for the bravery of a boy called Arthur King.

In this comedy for all ages, TV celebrity chef Miss La Fay is nothing but a recipe for disaster. Unbeknown to her millions of fans right across the globe, the sorceress is cooking up a plot to take over the world; all that stands in her way is a small boy called Arthur King and all that stands in his - although he means to help - is the hapless wizard of mythical yore, Merlin, Morgan La Fay's erstwhile enemy.

With killer spells like 'cheese and chutney melts' to contend with, Arthur and Merlin journey across the chasm of time in a bid to thwart Morgan's wicked schemes. Will they succeed in defeating her, or will the taste of Morgan's spells, prove to be too good?

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