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“Wow, you are going to be so popular when women find out about this. Women are going to be lined up at your front door (at your back door, at your side doors) to find out more.” This from just one very pleased woman with the methods of this book.

This book is key to pleasing the one you love.
Finally, straight talk about how to be a good lover.

One-third of women in America experience problems coming to orgasm. Find out why this problem exists and how to resolve it. We are not taught how to be good lovers, but it is a simple matter to learn from this book.

This book is written to give women the knowledge they need to fully appreciate the wonders of sexuality, and to give men the ability to supply that need.

Remember, you owe it to yourself (and your marriage) to be the very best lovers you can be. Also remember: Love wins.

Loveplay and mental foreplay are whatever excites her sexual imagination.

Loveplay combines the compassion of love and the play of a teenager.

Loveplay uses the power of imagination to arouse and awaken your sexual energy.

Satisfaction is not something you get simply from a description or drawing. These aids are simply a starting point. You must completely feel each other in the relationship; both of you, and not simply perform an activity of touching.

Loveplay is a comparison to love itself. It is taking the risk to explore the heart and soul of the other, as it gives out of itself to sexual desire and the benefit of the other, to quench and satisfy desire and at the same time, rekindle love. It is what you do in order to achieve the heights of passion, and how you keep the fire going for extended periods. The giving never ends, but eventually exhausts itself.

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