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America Unraveling: A Politically Incorrect Analysis of Public Faith And Culture

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Many who live in the United States of America, a land that Puritan leader John Winthrop once memorably described as “a City on a Hill,” are asking themselves, with ever increasing urgency, “What has happened to American culture?”
Citizens are now more deeply divided on social and political issues than at any time since, quite possibly, the Civil War. A once vibrant middle class is disappearing and giving way
to a sharp societal cleavage between rich and poor. The English language, an essential ingredient of the American Melting Pot and a tie insuring national solidarity, has been demoted
in pre-eminence. Obeisance to the goddess of diversity assures that millions of newcomers to the country are actively encouraged, once here, to hold on to not only their native languages, but also to their traditions, customs, and
habits, along with the social implications of their respective faiths. Instead of the rich orchestral symphony promised by multiculturalism, a reality worse than the chaotic and cacophonous Tower of Babel is emerging. This reality is fragmenting the country and frustrating the sense of national
community and solidarity. The nation’s institutions, which Justice William O. Douglas opined “presuppose a Supreme Being,” have undergone radical secularization. The bogus view that the founding fathers set out to construct a nation, which is “godless” in its public life, presently enjoys widespread academic acceptance. “Public reason,” we are told, has no
room for principles of public faith. State schools, including academies of higher learning, have purchased this strait-jacket orthodoxy and are characterized by the spirit of “political correctness.” This self-inflicted blindness is
the new face of censorship and book-burning in our time. Professors and public officials, for example, must take meticulous care what they say, as well as how they say it, when teaching Darwin’s theory. Constraints upon thought and reason pervade virtually every nook and cranny of our marketplace of ideas. America’s first-tier public philosophy, liberalism, foists upon government the fantastic role of “neutral arbiter of values.” In this way, citizens may cultivate their own autonomous notions of “the good life.” If they wish to abort a viable fetus, indulge in various forms of sexual depravity, desecrate the American flag, or otherwise steer a course as greedy and self-centered as humanly possible, it ought not be the place of government or anyone else to
deter them. Right? The United States Supreme Court is, after all, continually present to remind us that there is a separation between religion and politics. In a new book, aptly entitled America Unraveling: A Politically Incorrect Analysis of Public Faith and Culture,
Dr. L. Scott Smith distinguishes himself as a critical voice of social and political reform. His critique of American culture is white-hot, while his scholarship, reasoning, and logic are incisive and courageous. His book explains
and defends the “public faith” of America, explodes the myth of the “godless Constitution,” explores the rise of secularism and the capitulation of mainline Protestantism to it, dissects the formative principles of liberal
philosophy, explains why the United States Supreme Court comprises a “krytocracy,” analyzes the destructive trends of the country’s immigration policy, and – finally – charts a course forward. This volume ought to be required reading for any citizen troubled by the social and political quagmire in which the country is bogged down. Purchase this book; read and study it; and recommend it to your friends. It will be an experience you will not soon forget!

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