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TIME and Unforeseen Occurrence

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From the author of The Justice Gift comes a historical tale of lost loves and dreams and the endeavor to make a meaningful life when everything and everyone you care about are gone forever. Imagine being thrown into the distant past with a few modern conveniences but having to hide them so you were not discovered and deemed a sorcerer.

Imagine someone from your own future being flung into the past with just that dilemma. How will he adjust and fit in with those of that time? How will the machines he depends on to take care of him and those around him be kept from discovery and his own life protected?

Marshall Buchanan faces just that on his return to Earth from a deep space supply mission. A catastrophic emergency takes hold of his vessel and Buchanan jettisons away in an escape pod just before the ship is destroyed. Marshall lands on a deserted beach back on Earth and waits to be rescued. When a small ship of privateers pulls him from the clutches of angry natives, Marshall learns he is now living in the year 1733.

Marshall keeps busy, secretly using high-tech tools to feed and doctor those around him. During his travels in the eighteenth century he begins to feel his own humanity more than he ever thought possible, to appreciate the importance of history and to value those he loves. When an opportunity to return to the future presents itself, Marshall must come to terms with his new relationships and decide what sacrifices he is willing to make for them.

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