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Dastardly Double Feature #1

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A living dead-infused double-dose of horror, hilarity, the homeless, and Hugo the big fat zombie that’ll thrill you, chill you, and make you laugh out loud!

First you’ll cackle at Matt R. Jones’ irreverent “I Walked With A Zombie,” gleefully shambling forth from his Hollywood Vampires series!

Lovably loony vampire Stacey spies a fatass zombie – with a pink ball-gag stuffed in his mouth – roaming a suburban L.A. neighborhood on Halloween. Naturally, he decides it’s a GREAT idea to take this zombie (named Hugo) – along with his surly werewolf “stepdaughter” Lupi – out trick-or-treating!

How could you NOT?!

Meanwhile, Stacey’s friends Tommy and Dorian’s pursuit of Hugo’s origins leads them to two idiot high-schoolers armed with too much occult wisdom gleaned from the internet.

This does NOT sit well with old-fashioned vampire professor Tommy... it’s one thing when you raise a zombie – it’s another thing entirely when you’re irresponsible about it!

And then it gets ugly...

In “Tunnel Rats,” our homeless “hero” – a fellow by the name of Bark – faces the death of death in a tale ripped straight from the world of Steve Wands’ nightmarish epic Stay Dead. You’ve seen what happens when cops, soldiers, and everyday joes square off with the undead, but...

What in the hell happens to the homeless?

You’ll find out in gruesome style as Bark and his friend Spotz flee through the tunnels beneath Titan City, facing former friends and associates in their desperate escape from the metropolis’ death-throes. Steve pulls no punches as he shows you the ultimate truth of the zombie uprising...

It doesn’t matter who you are – when the dead walk, we’re ALL screwed.

It’s two for the price of one with Dastardly Double Feature #1 – brought to you straight from the pens and word-processors of two of independent fiction’s rising stars!

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