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The Millstone

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A stranger visited your town last night. His purpose: to kill a man he didn’t know and who had given him no reason for offense. The Stranger’s killing field is the entire country; his prey could be a California policeman, a Reno junkie or a wealthy South Carolina heir. Local police struggle for answers—unaware that they are searching for a cross-country serial killer with a peculiar appetite. Ironically, however, it is a widowed architect from Lowell, Massachusetts who may ultimately be the only one able to find—and stop—the Stranger.

The Millstone is a 95,000-word mystery/thriller set in a variety of U.S. cities. Over the last three years, 37 year-old Michael Gavin has seen every good thing in his life “stolen away and ripped apart in a dark corner, leaving only pain.” As Michael struggles to rebuild over the ruins of his tragic past, police in cities across the country struggle to find a brutal killer in their midst, with no results. That is until one morning, when an infamous pro athlete is gunned down at a Georgia golf course, and a small-town homicide captain accidentally stumbles across the dark thread binding each of the victims—the unseen millstone hung around each of their necks. As the captain races across the country trying to retrace the Stranger’s steps and prevent another brutal killing, Michael Gavin’s own search for answers will bring him face-to-face with the Stranger.

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