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Coward (Icarus Helix #3)

100 pages1 hour


David West is a normal, nerdy boy. His parents are never home, he is small for his age and he can't get up the courage to get a girlfriend.

But when he accidentally absorbs a shower handle, he realizes he might not be so average, after all.

High school becomes a disaster as David crosses paths with the football team, earning him the title of number one scrub.

With stress building and nowhere to turn, David's power seems his last road out of mediocrity. At the moment of truth, will he decide it's easier to be brave... or evil?

This is the third novella of the Icarus Helix series. It is approximately 20,000 words. These novellas are intended to stand alone and may be read in any order.

Other Episodes in Season 1:
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(#2) Liar

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