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Veil of Whispers

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Last year we published Baird's novel The Spell Keeper. Veil of Whispers is the second novel in The Spell Keeper Legends. In the city of Burken there are those still loyal to the former regime that terrorized the country for years. Now, with the city's two largest celebrations approaching, citizens are disappearing from the streets. There are rumors of a growing cult, intent on the destruction of the city and the Crown itself.
It all starts with a boat ablaze on a flooding river . . . and two apprentices who find a mysterious survivor.
But the cult hasn't reckoned on Cassie, the keeper of the spells. She's back: older, wiser, and hotter! And she has a sword that says so!
Remember the old saying about the manure and the wind farm? In Veil of Whispers, they're about to collide.

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