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Dungeons, Dragons & Lesbians: An Erotic Short Story

17 pages14 minutes


"You like Belle and Sebastian?"

"What is that, a Disney album?"

"No," she said and double clicked a song. It was pretty good music, though the singer was a bit whiney for my taste. But that didn't matter. As soon as I got the joint right and took my first toke, the singer suddenly sounded much better. I passed to Ann-Sophie, who had sat down on the other end of the bed. She took a deep drag and held it in her lungs for what seemed forever, before exhaling a long stream.

As I took the joint for another puff, I noticed she'd turned the lights off and the room was only lit by the orange glow of a lamp-post outside. This was almost like a romant -- oh.

Ann-Sophie placed a hand on my knee. I looked up, our eyes meeting.

(Also available in the collection, "I Was a Co-ed Nympho.")

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