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The So What Club

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It all started when Fred tried to get into his workplace without his identification badge. Then Betty Lou tried to remove a stain, and now the washing machine is spewing all over her. George is running backwards, Jay is deleting back-up files, Reggie’s shoes are filled with shaving cream, and Mrs. Haverty is wearing her gas mask again.
Does that make you wonder what’s up? Then come on and join THE SO WHAT CLUB. This book features 21 stories about football, lost keys, long engagements, overwhelming debt, and squeaky squeaks. But these parables provide an opportunity to ask and answer life’s SO WHAT questions.
This collection of 21 short stories will help you and your family or your discussion group
• interact with Scripture in a new way.
• discover Biblical life lessons in everyday events.
• ask and answer the SO WHATs of life.
“I used a number of these modern day parables with my after-school Bible study group...these stories are a great starting place for exploration of Scripture and growing in faith.” ---Laurel Shields, small group leader for Disciplemaking Committee, Curwensville Alliance Church in Curwensville, PA

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