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Five years after a plague ravishes the earth, a group of survivors begin civilization again in a perfect community they call, Beginnings. Nestled deep in the woods, surrounded by security walls, they are secluded and sheltered from the savagery of the world outside their home. In Beginnings only the select are allowed in and the bad are tossed out.
For five long years, Robbie Slagel searched for the father and brother he knew were alive. A father and brother who dwell inside the protective walls of Beginnings.

During a routine search for ‘fit’ survivors, Robbie is discovered by Beginnings.

The prodigal son returns. He is welcomed and then . . . he is cast back out when they discover he's become a bad seed.

The walls begin to crumble in a heart wrenching way as Robbie bands together survivors and outcasts, plotting his revenge against Beginnings, his father and brother. The road was too long to find his family and he vows his search will not be in vain.

Cain is the second book in the Beginnings Series. It does, however stand alone and can be read with or without reading the predecessor, The Silent Victor.

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