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But YOU When You Pray: Another Look At The Lord's Prayer

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Life is filled with uncertainty. That is seen in the word LIFE, itself. Between the first and last letters, there is an IF in the middle. Those “ifs” are the impetus for the ups and downs of life. God has promised to walk with us through all the “ifs” of our life. He’s neither oblivious nor unconcerned. And He invites us to talk with Him about it. That’s what prayer is all about – talking with God. But how do we do that? What do we say? “But YOU, When You Pray” is a guide to pray effectively, to commune with the God Who created us.
Jesus gave His disciples the “How To Do It” prayer. It’s called “The Lord’s Prayer,” but in reality, it’s ours. It’s the model prayer for us to follow. It’s not intended to be “mimicked,” but to be used as a guide for effective praying. “But YOU, When You Pray” walks you through the model prayer and, when put into practice, enhances your relationship with God.

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