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Join This Chariot

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Join This Chariot’ is a classic on soul wining that motivates the believer to effective evangelism and teaches him practical steps to reaching his world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It is an unambiguous treatise that has greatly inspired thousands for world evangelization, resulting into many more being touched by the awesome power of God.
In this book, Pastor Chris teaches divine truths about ‘chariots’ as God’s tolls for soul winning. He reveals that God’s call to Phillip to “...join...this chariot “ (Acts 8:29) is to every believer in every generation, challenges you to answer that call and shows you how to maximize your chariot for world evangelization. You will also discover:
Why God trusts you with the gospel
Who a watchman is
The Believer’s Statements of Commitment
...and so much more.
In this revised edition, each chapter ends with an activity sheet that will help you better understand the timeless truths in this book and how to apply them in your personal life.
Product Information
Title: Join This Chariot
Author: Pastor Chris Oyahkhilome
Format: E-book
ISBN: 978-36028-5-3
Publication Date: 2002

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