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The Laborers Are Few

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This book, Laborers are Few, captures the essence of why it is so important to volunteer. Throughout the pages of this book you’ll find meaningful examples of the impact volunteering can have not only on those who are helped, but also on their families, and the ones who do the helping. Volunteering is close to the heart of God, and this is evidenced by how Jesus spent His time here. His ministry was one of selfless giving, healing, listening, and loving, and it is the ultimate example of what God calls each of us to strive for.
When we read today’s headlines we realize how many of God’s children are out there lost, looking for Him in all of the worst possible ways. They turn to drugs, alcohol, or other addictions in an effort to numb their pain. When we as Christians turn to them with genuine love, compassion, and caring, helping them to see new hope for their lives, we are truly becoming the hands and feet of Christ.
So I ask you to read this book with an open heart. Listen for the message that God has for you through its words, and be ready to let His love overflow to others that He puts in your life to help. You’ll discover the absolutely amazing impact your volunteering can have in this world, and for God’s kingdom.

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