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The Life of Reilly

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It was a 350 foot super yacht, and Seamus Reilly was living the life, sailing from port to port around the world. He recruited three ex-girlfriends; tall, cool-eyed Reilly, shy, buxom Sam, and eager to please blonde Christy to come aboard, administer his fortune, and be his obedient, submissive sex toys. Then he recruited half a dozen college girls to service them all. It was the life of Reilly, all right, with the best sex money could buy, until they drew hostile attention. A billion dollar fortune administered by three submissive young women led to obvious conclusions. Soon girls who had been taught to obey were forced into much deeper submission and discipline as unprincipled men sought to seduce them into turning over money to them. And eager young college girls who were along for the sport, money and excitement discovered the dark thrill of exposure, submission, and public sex.

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