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The Three Warriors against The Grand Master

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She escaped her empty life by running on the track team. Her family did not acknowledge her,
she was invisible to them, and they expected her to be perfect and were high achievers as lawyers and never home. She was attracted to Joey because he was like a wounded puppy to her and she wanted to make him feel better.

She sensed his hidden pain and one time when he was walking to the locker room after track, she saw the bruises on his back. She became even more protective, almost like a mother hen with him. Never acknowledging the abuse but feeling the agony he suffers in his silent world.

He enjoyed her company and did not want to destroy their friendship so he placed his feelings for her on the back burner until he felt more confident to take their relationship to another level.

Now, that they were friends, he would pass her in the hallway and always give her a compliment, sometimes sarcastic but she was not invisible when he was around and she liked his dark
impulsive actions. He would boast of the pranks he played on others or about stealing some money
from his old man and other antics even though some of the actions frightened her at times.

Mike was a tall lanky 6 foot, brawny male usually dressed in dark gothic clothing and jewelry.
He had aqua blue eyes that pierced a person’s core, like he could see your deepest hidden secrets, he would unnerve people with his intense stare. He was the peace maker between Star and Joey.

Mike’s parents lived like hippies from the sixty and nothing fazed them. They did not have good
coping skills and decided that a divorce would be a better option than to stay together for the children’s sake so he was placed in the position of a child raising the adults, made a pawn between his bitter single mother and his childish father, he lost his childhood even before it began.

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