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The Cricket

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The Cricket is a retelling of an ancient story, the pairing of a mortal and an immortal, set in a deteriorating America a few years from today. It concerns the adventures of Corus, a naive youth, who determines to explore the world and quickly comes to disaster. The Cricket's fantasy is the fantasy of myth, devoid of rules or explanations, and its concerns are transience, love, and the cruelty of humans towards each other. Hana, the mortal heroine, is a welcome introduction to the fantasy genre, with the intelligence, compassion, and strength to lead herself and Corus through our phantasmagoric world. Their encounters with the State and the city, and finally a fantastic and monstrous Elmer Gantry, are epic in the true meaning of the word; and leave time for humor, debate, and affection.

The Cricket carries the quality of myth, and gives it to a personal journey in the modern world. A meditation on identity, love, and the nature of the State, it examines at a human level how we are bent and changed by the exigencies of living. For a genre in which the fantastic is often overlaid with the stunningly trivial, Hana and Corus and their journey through a cruel America, will be a revelation.

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