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Jane's Transformation (Magical Pony School)

155 pages2 hours


When Jane is invited to attend the Magical Pony School she has no idea that the winter solstice ceremony will bring a wild pig, an odd woman, and a crazy dwarf into her life. Jane learns how to shape-shift and goes on an unexpected journey, aided by three first-year friends, the Magical Pony School herd, a very special black mare with one eye, and two little donkey guardians.

The Magical Pony School series is aimed at middle grade readers but appeals to all ages. If Harry Potter had a little sister, she would be at the Magical Pony School!

"Jane's Transformation is one of those rarities--- a book that will be enjoyed by both middle-graders and their parents. In the tradition of the Harry Potters and Narnia chronicles; family book-reading night is back."
-----Dawn Deanna Wilson, author of "Leaving the Comfort Cafe"

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