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Trolling Down to Old Mah Wee

130 pages2 hours


Their neighbors are beset by the troubles that they overcame years before. Can the heroes of the Troll Wars come to Mah Wee's aid and prevail as before?

When the neighboring kingdom of Mah Wee begins to experience the same problems that beset Torahn some years before, they urgently request the aid of the experts in containing a new Troll infestation.

But eradicating Trolls is not as easy as exterminating a few rats or mice. Trolls are bigger than men, they are stronger than men, and then are meaner than men.

Humphrey Cutter and his band of mismatched warriors must once again rise to the occasion, but can they without the aid of expertise of Gwendolyn and her particular skills?

A Trolling we Will Go Book 2

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