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Daddy Likes to Spank

14 pages12 minutes


Sexy college student, Kim, is used to getting her own way, but her new step-father, Nate, thinks she needs to learn a lesson or two about responsibility! She agrees to clean house in exchange for room and board, but really has no intention of following through with her end of the bargain. Who would believe Nate would follow through with his threats to blister her bottom?

A sizzling spanking leads to more than the two of them could have possibly imagined. Will this rock-hard step-father be able to teach the rebellious 19-year-old how to keep up her end of a deal?

Warning: This 3400+ word short story, is intended for readers over the age of 18 only! It contains material that may be objectionable to some, including: a sizzling hot spanking and extremely graphic sex between a step-father and step-daughter!

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