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The Animals of Grandfather Mountain: An Animal Caretaker's Tales

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This collection of short stories & photos is about the author's zookeeping experiences while working as animal habitat manager at Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC. In this delightful book ... meet Nola the Magician, an otter too curious for her own good, who performs a Houdini-like disappearance; Carolina and Dakota, two bear pranksters who always steal the show; Wilma the bald eagle who fiercely guards her precious wooden egg; and Heidi the deer, who always makes a pest of herself at feeding time. Readers will love Kodiak and Yonahlossee, two feisty bear cubs who aren't near as cuddly as they seem; Squeak the cougar who loves his bungee rope and despises Milton the Bear; Milton the Bear, a costume animal who dances throughout the habitat drawing children like the Pied Piper; and L L Cool J, a tiny fawn that grows up to run the Bear and Cougar Gauntlet. Many more animals are waiting to be discovered in "The Animals of Grandfather Mountain: An Animal Caretaker’s Tales".

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