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Agnus Sib - The Journey (Part One)

197 pages3 hours


A man wakes up alone in the middle of nowhere - no city or person around him. As belongings, a bag with some seeds, a pot of ointment and an old sword with the inscription "Agnus Sib”. In the bag, in addition to those seeds, three stones (a yellow, a red and a green one), united in a drop shaped jewel, increased that mystery.

Three questions: "Who is he, what was his origin and what is his purpose" made him run the world in search of answers.

Despite of being a person of good behavior, he has deep marks of suffering in his unconscious that make him be at the same time fair and honest but with a strange desire for revenge. This suffering is increased by an amnesia - memory lapses of his childhood and adolescence that plague him constantly. Who are these people that appear in his dreams? Who is he, his family? What was that mission that he took to himself without even understanding its purpose? An invitation to the imaginary and distant lands, fight of good against evil and internal fight complete this saga, split into three volumes.

More than a search for answers is a search for himself – the search that all of us do every day, regardless of era or place.

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