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This Week’s Stories (October, Week 2)

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This Week's Stories (October, Week 2)
This is another in my series of magazines that contains all of my work for one week. You will find 32,200 words or a total of 150 book pages of great stories (some continued and some newer series or one offs.) This magazine includes:

Ultra-Violent: Unleashed (The Ultra Violence Series)
Ultra-Violent loves eyeball pulling. It’s his hobby, if a madman can have such a hobby. Unfortunately, there won’t be much time for that as a creature from the depths of hell emerges to steal the one treasure that UV knows he must keep. Enter a cast of kooky characters mixed with super violence and you have a recipe for disaster. “Profanity has a new name and it has been unleashed!”

- Violence
- Madman vs. Everyone
- Massive injuries
- Gods and demons
- A life long lived
- Family

Sinner 1: Blood Soaked (The Sinner Series part 1)
The Sinner stalks the night preying on the criminals that occupy his list. Tonight through the eyes of men he will hunt for the thing that something deep inside tells him he must find. In one action packed evening, he will leave Mexican and Italian mobsters in critical care in mass. "A nightmare recorded and categorized. This is double-proof fiction."

- Violent Action Genre.
- Supernatural killer.
- New series.
- Criminals vs. Super Killer.
- Searching for item.
- 'The List'.

Monk 1: Beginnings (Part 1 of 'The Trails of Monk')
1 year has passed since the execution of an entire village in the hills of Tibet. Now, the only survivor, Monk, a Buddhist priest caught in the vicious acts that were carried out there, is out to get revenge on the Chinese who devastated the village in front of his eyes. This story is about revenge and faith in a world that is and never was fair. "Fearfully violent, yet with a strong presence."

- Action Suspense Genre.
- Tortured minds.
- Tibet and China.
- Revenge.

Thanks for your interest in my work!

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