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Chapter I The Great Britain Mission
The Hawker Hurricane, one of the most famous British fighters of WWII was never designed and built stripping Great Britain of the needed help during the Battle of Britain and ensuring that they lost not only that battle but the war. Once the Royal Air Force was defeated, Hitler’s armies invaded and conquered the island nation. They then took the rest of Europe and later Canada with their next target: The United States of America. All of this happens because a horse and buggy ran down the aircraft designer, Sydney Camm when he was a little boy. The 1800 Club is given the mission to go back and prevent that from happening and the club’s president, William Scott, decides to take two other time traveling companions along with him. It turns out that there is enough twists and turns for the three men.

Chapter II The Jessie James Mission
When young Jessie ran with Quantrill’s Raiders during the Civil War, he found a letter written in French inside of a strongbox they had taken from a Union wagon train. Having learned French at an early age, he realized how significant the letter was. It was written in code and was being sent to a Southern sympathizer telling him to do an act that could change the outcome of the war. When the Time Watchers of the future see it, they realize that if the letter was discovered a major friendly nation would be highly embarrassed. Thus the start of the mission to go back and get the letter. However, it turns out that Jessie James wants to trade a slight change in history for it.

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