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The Case of the Magazine Millionaire

80 pages42 minutes


The Brodericks are invited to a fancy party at the mansion of an arrogant Magazine Millionaire. Suddenly a priceless diamond necklace is missing? Who took it? How can they prove it?

Match wits with Kendall and Jamie Broderick and see if you can solve these seven 15-minute mysteries: The Case of the Magazine Millionare, The Case of the Taken Trophies, The Case of the Grabbed Geocache, The Case of the Bouncing Boxer, The Case of the Mansion Mystery, The Case of the Soccer Steal, The Case of Washington's Waistcoat.

This is the second in the exciting new Kendall and Jamie Broderick mystery series. These seven mysteries provide you with all the clues. Can you solve the mystery before Kendall and Jamie do?

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