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No Harm to Charm Book One of the Sanctuary Saga

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Gifts, inherited through our DNA, develop when we are babies but once socialized those gifts after time are forgotten to lay dormant in the unknown. All natural abilities observed in children of today are denied and eventually locked away with societal conformity being the lock without a key.
An earthquake of such intensity occurred which affected the tilt of the earth on its axis caused by the immense pressure from the fires of hell. This created a tear in the veil that shrouds the reality of the dark from the realm of this world that exists within the light. Rifts appeared creating portals for the accumulated souls of darkness,demons and the like with which to access the surface of the earth. The world speeds forth blending the realms, meshing the old and the new, resulting in changes for all of humankind. This era of changes will soon be known as "The Transition".

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