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Two girls discover a tree house in the woods. They climb the tree and begin to play in the tree house, only to discover they are not alone.
They escape from the tree house and race through the woods, only to find themselves at a cabin that is rumored to belong to a witch. She seems nice enough, but then she makes a strange, frightening request. She asks them to return to the tree house and play with the ghost of her long lost daughter.
Find out what the girls do, and the secret the tree house holds.

Scary Ghost Stories contains a collection of seven 15-minute ghost stories, including: The Haunted Tree House, The Ghost of the Donner Party, The Hobo Graveyard, The Haunted Haystack, The Isle of Death, The Disappearance of Sara Oglethorpe, and The Werewolf of Walther Point

These scary stories are designed for older children, aged 11 and up. believes in the value of children practicing reading for 15 minutes every day. Our 15-Minute Books give children lots of fun, exciting choices to read, from classic stories, to mysteries, to books of knowledge. Many of these books are suitable for hi-lo readers. Open the world of reading to a child by having them read for 15 minutes a day.

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Scary Ghost Stories - Caitlind L. Alexander

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Seven Ghost Stories for Brave Souls

By Caitlind L. Alexander


set of seven

15 - Minute Books

Editor: Jennifer Robinson

(c) Copyright 2010 Caitlind L. Alexander. All rights reserved.

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Scary Ghost Stories / Caitlind L. Alexander

Summary: A compilation of seven spooky and scary ghost stories.

1. Ghosts. Juvenile Literature. 2. Graveyard. Juvenile Literature. 3. Death. Juvenile Literature.

Reading Level: 4.7

Words: 14,675

Scare Factor: Age 10-12. Some unfriendly ghosts, some bad endings.









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Ouch, Tammie called before she even hit the ground.

Keep running! Jessica hollered. The panic showed on her face and in her voice.

Jessica grabbed her friend's wrist and hauled her up off the ground. They staggered forward, trying to move as fast as their exhausted bodies would take them. Suddenly Tammie stopped.

I can't go any further, and besides, we're lost. When you're lost you're supposed to stay where you're at until they find you.

That's only when you're lost in the big woods, Jessica contradicted, her voice still edged with panic. We're not that far from the city. Besides, there's no way I'm waiting for that thing to catch up with us. Are you coming or should I leave you here?

She kept walking forward, making it clear to Tammie that she meant what she said. Reluctantly, Tammie hurried after her. Under her breath Tammie muttered to herself. "Why does she always have to be boss? It always has to be her way.

Suddenly the woods opened up before them and the kids found themselves in a clearing. Sitting in the middle of it, like a pupil in the middle of a naked eyeball, was a cabin.

Both girls stopped suddenly and stared. The cabin looked lived in. Curtains fluttered at the windows, and the wildflowers that cluttered the front yard had a kept up look about them.

With a low moan, the door swung slowly open in front of them. The girls turned to run, but a soft breeze blowing from behind them reminded them of what they had run away from.

When they turned back to the cabin, a grandmotherly woman had appeared on the doorstep.

Are you children lost? she asked, Or did you come all the way out here to pay a visit to Granny Betts?

Granny Betts? Tammie thought. She remembered her parents talking about the old woman. She was kindly, even if she was considered a little off her rocker. Boldly Tammie stepped forward, ignoring the pull of Jessica grasping her arm. This was one time she wanted to be the boss.

We were playing in a tree house in the woods, and we thought we heard a voice talking to us, Tammie explained, stepping further into the clearing. Then we heard dishes tinkling together, but there weren't any dishes there.

Oh, Granny Betts exclaimed. Her hand flew to her mouth and fluttered there like a butterfly. Suddenly she seemed to gain control of herself.

Please come in and talk to me, she pleaded. It's been so long since I've had visitors, and these old bones just don't get out as much as they used to anymore.

Why do you live way out here by yourself? Tammie asked, as any remaining fear evaporated. The woman had looked frightened when the tree house was mentioned, and Tammie wanted to know why.

There's a road, Jessica suddenly whispered harshly in her ear. Let's run.

There's nothing to be afraid of, Jessica, the old woman said soothingly.

How did you know my name? Jessica demanded shrilly. What are you, a witch?

Goodness no, Granny Betts laughed. "Tammie's mother pays me a visit once in a while. She's shown me pictures of Tammie, so I knew her right off. She's also told