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3 A Crack in the Facade

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Book 3: With the promise of an outpost that will help sustain the nomads in the coming years, the Thuringi prepare the island for the fleet. As they do, personal problems arise to add to the already complex relationships. Gareth builds a transportal for the island to make traveling there easier, but the Bishop sparks concern that Earth has a corrupting influence. The Bishop also fears he will lose the seat of religious power he seized for himself and makes trouble for popular young Vicar Beace, returning from Earth on a fact-finding mission. King Lycasis finds a way to deal with the selfish bishop and help the vicar at the same time.
Stuart and Aura's marriage continues to dissolve as he renews a forbidden friendship with the love of his life. Aura is still jealous for Stuart's twin Darien, who merrily carries on a secret love affair with Echo Garin, the daughter of his friend and guard Glendon.
Brent Ardenne fills the returning scouts with news since they left, and eagerly awaits the transportal for home. Living life without excuse or fear of disapproval, Brent is one of the few Thuringi who has nothing to hide behind a carefully constructed veneer of propriety.

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