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Be a Best Selling Ebook author sooner than you think. Now you can put together your own ebook with FREE Government Research. Learn how and where to find a hot niche market. How to make your ebook stand out from others and much more!
Sam Rodman has simplified the process and made it very easy. Without any special skills, YOU CAN put together your own ebook FAST. No writing skills or a website of your own is needed.
You can do it fast and get it onto Amazon. With EASY eBOOK you can cash in on booming ebook sales! Includes 2 free Bonus reports!

I read the "Easy Ebook" it was the most informative e-book I've read in a long time. It is well written and leads you step-by-step in order to write your own e-book. There are many areas of the e-book that lead you to websites and links that help you with articles, content, niches,hot topics, keywords etc. which
all are what you need for an easy to do e-book. The author, Sam Rodman, goes into great detail about everything that you would need to do from beginning to end, such as how to come up with titles for chapters, where to get a graphic for the ebook cover, what to do to write great content and where to go to find articles, how to publish your ebook and so much more. I would highly recommend to anyone that wants to write an e-book to read this.
Janice Courson , Florida

"It is with great pleasure that I offer a hearty recommendation for Easy Ebook. Sam Rodman has created a virtual road map to making money online with ebooks. It is chock-full of tips and advice sure to guide the rawest novice. If you have ever dreamed of adding to your present income, or, better yet, to replace it, you need a copy of this work. With Sam guiding you by the hand every step of the way,and you implementing his advice, your dream of an online income is but a moment away." Joe Faia, Canada

The bonus material you include about how to place your ebook on Amazon really got me to thinking about all the options available to me. And the other bonus about 10 other cool things to do to make money on the internet really got me pumped up as well. Again, thanks so much for a real world guide that is easy to follow and to understand. Mark Williams, Maryland

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Congratulations on your decision to order EASY eBOOK. It contains the exact information needed to put together your own ebook or report and get it online.

When I started working on my first ebook, the hardest part was getting started.

It was very time consuming to put all the information together. Each topic and chapter had to begin from scratch. The information you now have will allow you to quickly and easily put together your own ebook, with researched information and get it online. You can do this regardless of your background or computer skills. Use this information as a guide and get started. You’ll have your own informational product online before you know it and you can profit from booming ebook sales, just like many other people.

Maybe more so than other people, because there is no reason at all not to think that your ebook will become a best seller and make you lots of money.

I have made thousands of dollars in one month from the sale of just one ebook. People told me that it would not work and would not sell on the internet. It was a little ebook targeted to a niche group of interested people. Exactly what I think you should work on doing. I want you to know that you can produce your own quality ebook and you can make money from it on the internet. With EASY eBOOK, you can now do it faster and easier than I ever did or anyone else. Plus, you will increase your chances of greater success by developing your own informational product for a niche group of people.

A niche market is a market without much competition, with a good number of people who are searching for it using specific keywords or search terms. The free Google Keyword Tool will show you how much competition and visitors per month you have for a particular keyword or search term. You will learn all about it and much more in the pages of EASY eBOOK.

A niche group consists of people that would be most interested in your ebook. Target it to them. Entrepreneur Magazine defines niche as, a portion of a market that you have identified as having some special characteristic and that is worth marketing to. Read this entire ebook. Read it again and take action.

Getting Started

First, decide what the subject of your ebook is going to be. Take time to select a topic you are interested in and the more motivated you will be to complete it.

Make an outline of various points within your ebook and then put in content underneath each point. These main points will become your chapter headings. You can always add more chapter headings later, as you work on your ebook, but for now, just start with what you have.

Look on Amazon and search on the topic of your ebook and look at the various titles to get ideas for your own. Try to make your ebook better or different than any others you may find on the same or similar subject.

The only way for anyone to finish an ebook is to sit down and start working on it. Choose a certain time or a specific day to work on your ebook project. Even if you only work on it for one hour at a time, it will get done. Always save your work before you walk away from your computer. When you do finish your project for the first time, you should consider it to be a draft. Now, re-read it and make any corrections or improvements. Before you know it, you’ll have your own ebook all finished and online, I assure you.

Throughout your report or ebook, there can be one or more affiliate programs that you promote with a text link. Text links in a report or an ebook are just like text links in an article or on a website. Any one word or phrase can be turned into a text link. Readers can simply click onto the text link in your report or ebook and then be taken to the merchant’s website where the sale takes place and your commission is made. In addition to making money from the sale of your ebook, you can also make money from various affiliate text links that you have inside your report or ebook.

If or when you have a website of your own, you will want to put your website address in your report or ebook to cause an increase in traffic back to your own website in addition to whatever website you want to send traffic to as an affiliate.

There are many affiliate programs to choose from and I personally favor the ones that can be found on Clickbank.com in the area called Marketplace.

Government websites with copyright free content

There is a lot of information you can use from the U.S. government, but it is not all on one website. A good place to find articles and content you can use is to look into each one of these various government portals or websites: Use the search box on top of each website to locate hundreds of articles on many specific topics.


On each of the following websites you must type in a topic or a search phrase to begin locating the specific subject you are interested in. If you do not see the word copyright in or at the end of an article, then it is safe to assume the article was written by and for the US government thereby placing it in the public domain. Remember, if there is a copyright notice, then you cannot use that article exactly as it is written. However, there are thousands of articles that you can use and you can find them on these government websites.

1. The first website is:


2. The biggest one is found at:


3. The one that has been advertised on TV and has many publications for citizens is located at:


4. And also at:


5. Plus...


6. http://www.ftc.gov/

Publications of many different types on the subject of money can be found on these websites from the Federal Reserve at:

7. http://www.federalreserve.gov/otherfrb.htm, and also at:

8. http://www.ustreas.gov/

9. http://www.business.gov/

Many topics and articles on business can be found starting here. This site is a goldmine for those setting up a