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Five Sensual to Spicy stories of traditional romance... Meant to Be by Cheryl Pierson - Robin Mallory becomes stranded with a snowstorm on the way. Jake Devlin jumps a "spy," an oddly dressed girl, a Yank. Where did she come from? -- The Homecoming by Kit Prate - A divorce spurs Rory to start over. Finished with men, she is caught off guard by a Western hero who strolls into her life. But even heroes have secrets... -- Gifts from the Afterlife by Sarah J. McNeal - Lydia Sinclair dreads another lonely Christmas. Can an unlikely neighbor, a ghostly visitation, and a forgotten friend renew her joy in Christmas? -- For He So Loved by Christine E. Schulze - A precious gift shared on Christmas Eve, but the King does not recognize the value of what he has received. Will it lead to love and faith, or condemnation? -- Feast of Candles by Stephanie Burkhart - Drake is taking the biggest risk of his life – because of a bottle of wine. To win the love of his chosen woman, Drake has to prove Christmas wishes do come true.

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