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Is God Evil?

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It's the ultimate question. Is the God of the Jews, Christians and Muslims evil? Is he at the core of the malignancy in the human condition? Does his malevolent will touch every corner of the earth, spreading discord, division, conflict and hate?

Three thousand years of the history of the "People of the Book" provide a tale of unparalleled savagery and intolerance, all in the name of an alleged God of justice, forgiveness, love, peace, mercy and compassion.

The members of the ancient secret society known as the Illuminati are advocates of the Gnostic religion "Illumination" that defines the Biblical Creator as none other than Satan.

The serpent, a symbol of wisdom, tried to enlighten the human race via the fruit of the fabled Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eve, but humanity chose faith over knowledge and thus became the pawns of the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of the Flies.

The most horrific question must now be asked - is earth actually hell? Are human beings the damned?

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