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Before you can begin the adventure of a lifetime – discovering the truth of existence – you must first master a mathematical conundrum. Kabbalah (esoteric Judaism) is imbued with the importance of numbers and you can never understand it without an appreciation of numbers. However, it chooses to interpret numbers in terms of Jewish mysticism rather than sticking to the principles of mathematics.

All of the mysteries of the universe can in fact be reduced to a single mathematical question: do the numbers zero and infinity exist as realities rather than as mental abstractions? Are they ontological i.e. do they have an existence that impacts on the material world?

Descartes, the first modern philosopher, proposed that matter is extended while mind is unextended. He thereby mathematically divided existence into two domains; one consisting of entities with a size greater than zero (material objects), and the other consisting of entities with a size of exactly zero (mental objects).

The whole of philosophy, science and religion revolves around the existence, or otherwise, of zero-sized entities. Scientific materialism denies the existence of any such things i.e. it claims that Cartesian mind doesn’t exist. If mind can be said to exist at all, it’s rooted in matter and can have no independent existence.

Idealism, the opposite philosophical school to materialism, asserts on the contrary that only zero-sized entities exist and matter is simply a mental construct with imaginary dimensionality.

Zero is inextricably tied to infinity. Division by zero equals infinity and division by infinity equals zero. Therefore the existence of zero-sized entities inescapably summons infinity into consideration. Scientific forces that depend on division by the distance between two entities become infinite if that distance should fall to zero. In a black hole singularity, or the Big Bang singularity from which the material universe emerged, precisely this situation pertains – all entities within these singularities are separated by zero distance. All forces dependent on the inverse of distance become infinite when distance equals zero. Would Descartes, a brilliant mathematician, have regarded these singularities as instances of pure mind? Are black holes minds? Was the Big Bang singularity nothing other than the Mind of God?

Such is their aversion to zero and infinity that scientists declare that the laws of physics fall apart in a singularity. They maintain that something is wrong with the underlying theories and they must be incomplete. Why? Because zero and infinity are unacceptable to materialists since they destroy the entire basis of materialism that only finite, extended entities exist.

To talk of entities with or without extension is to conceal a more profound division. What Descartes should have highlighted is dimensional entities versus dimensionless entities. Material entities not only have extension, they also exist in space and time. Mental entities, on the other hand, have no extension and do not exist in the dimensions of space and time. They do not exist in the material universe, so is it any surprise that scientists cannot find any evidence of mind when they do nothing but apply but materialist thinking? It’s impossible for a materialist approach to reveal mind. It involves a wholly different paradigm.

Scientific materialists deny the real existence of the numbers zero and infinity in our cosmos while idealists assert that zero and infinity are the only numbers that have real existence in our cosmos. What’s the right answer? It is of course that ALL numbers from zero to infinity have real existence i.e. an unextended mental cosmos outside space and time co-exists with an extended material cosmos inside space and time. Every problem of philosophy, science and religion can be explained by the interaction of these two domains. That is the ancient wisdom of the Illuminati.

M-theory, the latest attempt by scientists to formulate a grand theory of everything, is doomed to failure from the outset. Why? Because it ignores the unextended domain outside space and time, the domain of zero and infinity. M-theory explicitly sets out to prevent the appearance of zero and infinity in any of its equations. It’s the last will and testament of materialism, its concluding grand folly before it’s finally forced to confront the truth of an immaterial partner to the material world.

Remember, this issue can be framed with absolute mathematical precision. If zero and infinity have real existence then scientific materialism is false. And why would they not have real existence? Isn’t it mathematical nonsense to assert that all numbers are real bar zero and infinity (and we could also add in i, the imaginary number, as a number whose ontological reality is denied by materialists)?

As soon as you grasp that single mathematical fact, you realise you are confronting the existence of God, souls and afterlife. These have their meaning in the unextended Cartesian domain outside space and time: the domain of zero and infinity. This domain is not separate from the domain of matter. The two are hard-wired together and constitute a synergic feedback system. The material domain is the familiar physical world and the mental domain that of information and thought. All of the information in the physical world is actually in the immaterial domain that exists outside space and time.

So, here is the tale of this extraordinary cosmos of ours. We will take you on the strangest journey from Kabbalism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Platonism, Neoplatonism, the Emerald Tablet, the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, the perennial philosophy, genies, Aristotle, entelechy, Forms and matter, mind and matter, universals and particulars, all the way to materialism, Darwinism, and M-theory.

Judge for yourself who has the better answers regarding the true nature of existence: scientists or the Pythagorean Illuminati. The destiny of your soul is at stake.


Kabbalah means the received tradition. It has been described as Jewish Gnosticism and is to mainstream Judaism what Catharism was to Christianity. It is enjoying a current fashionability and has attracted celebrity followers such as Madonna.

Kabbalah is an occult, mystical philosophy of rabbinical origin, based on esoteric interpretations of Hebrew Scriptures. It begins with the idea that God wishes to see God. Creation is the mirror in which he gazes at himself.

Like Hermeticism, Kabbalah subscribes to the principle as above, so below. The Kabbalistic text known as the Zohar says, The human dimension contains all things, and all that exists in accordance with that…Man contains all that is in heaven above and on earth below, both heavenly and earthly creatures. All human beings have a divine spark and they too wish to perceive their inner divinity, to see themselves as God.

While there is a wealth of fascinating material in Kabbalism, it remains fundamentally Jewish and hence unacceptable to the Illuminati. The tragedy of Kabbalism is that there is no good reason why it simply didn’t abandon its Jewish roots and merge with Gnosticism, Neoplatonism and Hermeticism. This shows the difficulty that even intelligent people have in moving away from the beliefs instilled in them as children. The Jewish thinkers who gave rise to Kabbalah recognised that conventional Judaism was absurd, but rather than reject it entirely as they should have done, they borrowed foreign ideas and reinterpreted the Torah through the prism of these systems. Although they unquestionably created a far more interesting version of Judaism, it is impossible to salvage the unsalvageable. Judaism in any form has nothing other than negatives to teach the world. Even the prettiest version of Judaism is repulsive, completely infected with Devil worship.

So, to all of those many people who ask us if they should invest time in studying Kabbalah, we give a qualified yes. It’s true that nuggets of wisdom can be found there, but there is also a great deal of mystical Hebrew nonsense that must be treated with the utmost circumspection.

Kabbalah came to prominence in medieval times, but its origins go back to Philo at the time of Christ and then to cross-pollination between Judaism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Neopythagoreanism, Neoplatonism and Mithraism. (It tended to steer well clear of Christianity because of the general Jewish hostility towards that religion, which was fully reciprocated, of course.)

Like Neoplatonism, Kabbalah is based on a doctrine of emanations from a transcendent source, the Absolute Being (the equivalent of the One of Plotinus), which links the infinite to the finite.

Kabbalah is obsessed with relating letters of the Torah (a text Kabbalists regard as sacred) to numbers and thereby finding hidden mathematical truths about Creation. God supposedly based his creation of the world on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter was assigned a number, so all Hebrew words have a specific number, obtained by adding together the numbers of the individual letters. Words with the same value have esoteric equivalence. The practice of converting words into numerical equivalents in an attempt to uncover mystical correspondences is known as gematria. In Hebrew, the words one and love have the same numerical value, thereby revealing that they relate to the same transcendental reality.(The book The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin is all about the subject of embedded codes and prophecies in Scripture.)

Kabbalah thus melds numerology with holy texts, a combination that many seekers of hidden truths have found irresistibly seductive. Unfortunately, anyone who knows anything about the Torah knows that:

a) it wasn’t written by God via Moses, but by innumerable authors who continually changed the text over many centuries to suit their particular viewpoint

b) there’s nothing holy about it – it’s a monstrous text, full of the most evil ideas imaginable and a depiction of God as a tyrant, monster and psychopath

c) the meaning of words is unstable

d) words are not the precise, immutable instruments that numbers are

e) words are modified over time, with both spellings and meanings changing

f) why would any God choose to speak Hebrew or Aramaic and choose that as his secret means of communicating with the world?

g) And what of the Muslim claim that God is an Arabic speaker?!

h) the implication of Kabbalistic analysis is that the Jews are indeed the Chosen People since the secrets of the cosmos are allegedly relayed to humanity in Hebrew. The concept of the Chosen People is one of the most obnoxious, divisive and evil ideas ever to appear in the world, and it has reaped a bitter harvest for the Jews themselves since it has made them the most hated race in human history, reviled wherever they go. The best thing the Jews could do for their own sake is immediately renounce this abominable self-designation, the product of their warped imaginations. It has proved a curse on them. All similar claims are equally disgraceful: the Master Race, the Masters of the Universe, the Royal Blood, the Nobility, the Elite, the Privileged.