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A Prescription for Love (Medical Romance Series)

205 pages4 hours


Lucy Morgan is determined to get over a failed relationship with a jealous and possessive partner. She leaves him behind in the Swiss Alps and moves to the Italian resort of Sella Bianca where she makes a fresh start as ski manager for travel company Cool Adventures. Whilst skiing the mountain she is taken off guard and almost loses her balance when surgeon Roberto Vittalini, descending at high speed, almost collides with her. Brought to a standstill Lucy, temporarily ‘off’ men and now fiercely independent, is furious. She vows to reprimand the guy if ever she sets eyes on him. But, much to her annoyance, when they do eventually meet in the hotel bar she is irrevocably drawn to him.

This is the start of a relationship tantalisingly fraught with obstacles, some created by Lucy and Rob themselves, others resulting from bizarre incidents on the slopes. Can Lucy trust Rob or any of her fellow skiers? And will romance survive this catalogue of intrigue and suspense?

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