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Insights from The Council

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Turn your life around with SOL's publication, Insights from The Council. This revealing book introduces The Council and contains quotes by The Council on its purpose, the working of karma in a health situation, the unity of man and God, astrological influences, reincarnation, precognitive and psychic experiences, parent-child relationships, the interrelationship of one's spirit and physical body and much more, each quote is followed with commentary by Mr. LePar. Learn The Council's enlightening perspective on these topics and get practical answers to your questions. This book covers a myriad of topics. We are sure that there will be something of great interest for everyone.

"An example: The Council: You wish a description of the Spirit of God, a definition. The Spirit of God one could define as an energy with a consciousness, an awareness that encompasses all of man's awareness and even beyond. It is a vibration or a field of energy that is at the essence of all that exists in man's awareness and in what exists in man's spiritual awareness. It is the creating force of everything. It is that intimate life, creating life, that touches everything.

You cannot define the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is everything, everything. It is a definite Force that has an all-encompassing intellect, an all-encompassing awareness. It is everything, yet He is a Being, a personal Being."

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