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Cutter, My Christmas Gift

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Every year tens of thousands of people face their first Christmas following the death of a parent. While a luck few have no regrets about their choices and actions, many, like Peter Donnelly, are filled with self-reproach and sadness.

Christmas was held sacred by his mother, who celebrated her love of the holiday with stories of Christmases past. Peter dismissed the importance of Christmas and his mother’s stories and hasn’t been home for Christmas for over 30 years. Haunted by guilt, regret and the memories of his mother, Peter—now a father and grandfather himself—is tasked with carrying out his mother’s last wish: to hold a Christmas party in her old house one last time before it’s sold.

Through a series of magical encounters, he finds himself living out the Christmas stories he heard so many times as a boy. Peter comes to realize how fortunate he is to discover the true meaning of Christmas—that his mother lives on through the stories and special memories that he was privileged to share. An upbeat, whimsical tale of heartfelt nostalgia in the same vane as Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Evans’ The Christmas Box (Simon & Schuster—12,000,000 copies sold), Cutter, My Christmas Gift is the story of one man’s journey of transformation and acceptance.

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