Conquering College: Getting A's for doing Zilch!

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Conquering College: Getting A's for doing Zilch!

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I wrote and published this book while I was in college. After graduating from college with Honors (i.e. I was on the Dean’s List every semester and even elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa), I was selling this book the old fashioned way (on paper), while attending law school. I eventually put this book aside to focus on my legal career. I am now an attorney admitted in New Jersey, New York, The District of Columbia and even the Supreme Court of the United States. Hence, I decided to re-release the book (with updates) via students still desiring to read it and utilize its techniques. This is particularly true via the troubled economy and the resulting necessity for students to obtain superior grades in an attempt to find a job. And that is why this book is now in ebook format: Its cheaper and more accessible.

Am I a "brain" or a "curve killer?" Nope. In fact, just the opposite. I hate studying! I hate school! I think most of it's a waste of time. Before utilizing the techniques in this book, I was a student who could never receive a respectable grade no matter how much I studied. In fact, in grammar school, I was taken out of class routinely. My reading was below average. My arithmetic was atrocious (and has not gotten much better), and due to a stuttering problem, I even had trouble speaking. And when I applied to college, my S.A.T. score was embarrassing. Chances are, you are already better off than I was.

I realized, however, without good grades, the chances of success and accomplishing my goals in life are near impossible. And in this economy, it is now more important than ever to have really good grades. Good grades, whether we like it or not, is something we must achieve. So the best thing to do, regardless of what you think of school, is to get the best grades you possibly can (I show you how in my book), and get the hell out!

Ironically, if you are anything like me, than you probably dread reading books. Well, this book is certainly not like any other. It will teach any kind of student, regardless of their intelligence or grade point average, how to drastically improve their grades while avoiding work!

Impossible? Why hasn't anyone else, or any of the books or tapes you purchased improved your grades? How come everything that you've tried just doesn't seem to help in school? Simple. One reason is because everything on the market was put together by either professors (whose suggestions only work in your particular class) or business people who are only in it for the fast buck. I know because I have tried them all!
Think about it. If you were a book publisher, would you risk thousands of dollars and upset so many people in the academic field just to promote one book? Certainly not. Instead you would choose to do what everyone else has: play it safe and promote a book that the world of academia approves of and supports but that says nothing more than study harder!

So who published this book you ask? I did! Rather than give up and allow my book never to be printed or be placed in the hands of the students, I decided to spend my own money and promote my own damn book! My book, in its entirety, was designed and written by students, for students. There is no impressive vocabulary, no confusing sentences, and no unnecessary jargon. It's short and to the point.

Despite what you may think, I am one of the laziest people you will ever meet. If I can apply the principles contained in this book to drastically increase my grades than anybody can.

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