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The New Mindset

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The admonition that we should seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness (Matt. 6:33) is a psychological call to living an acceptable life that would bring glory and honour to the Great and Mighty Father, whose affectionate love for his children is the achievement of sustainable end in peace (Jer. 29:11). Psychology is the study of the mental and behavioural characteristic of men or animal and in this piece a person or group of individuals. The focus of this book is the examination of cognitive and affective behavioural characteristics of Christians in the attainment of the promise of life in relation to man’s tenure on earth.
Prominent in the society today is the death of young and promising children that would have been great leaders of tomorrow being cut off at their prime years while the old ones are still bubbling with life. I shall in this respect x-ray the following factors that play major roles in the life of man.
a.the parents
b.the Church
c.the society
d.Peer group influence, etc.
This book is not a revolutionary missile but a deliverance of the preyed society from the bond of modern world Church.
It might be difficult to discern at first scanning but the spirit of freedom would open your eyes and increase your understanding as you peruse through in a thorough and exploratory composure.
God made us for signs and wonders and not for slavery and depression; life in abundance and not destruction.

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