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Your Magic Or Mine?

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Your Magic Or Mine?

What if you could cast a spell to help you do your everyday job? But . . . an argument developed on the correct way to cast that spell? Or even worse, what if an ancient force brought you and your soul mate together, but you want nothing to do with each other?

How do you cast a magic spell? By the numbers and a strict equation? Or intuitively by feel and ancient methods? Is casting a science or an art?

Theoretical mathematician Marcus Forscher and botanist Gloriana Morgan come before audiences of magic practitioners to debate those questions and find everyone has an opinion, often totally opposite to each other. The debates become contentious, even dangerous, as practitioners choose sides.

As if that’s not enough for the two speakers, the soul-mate imperative decides they must be together forever, no matter what. Marcus and Gloriana, however, discover they are polar opposites in almost every aspect of their lives. How can they be soul mates? Gloriana questions the imperative’s decision. Marcus announces he won’t be anyone’s mate, no matter what.

While practitioners choose sides between the traditionalists and the futurists and the two debaters try to bridge the magic gap, Marcus and Gloriana use every method they can to put off the inevitable of becoming mates. The imperative is both sneaky and powerful, and the two soul mates may have met their match. So, whose magic will prevail? His or hers--or the imperative’s?

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