Military Buffs, History Students, Historical Trivia Lovers and Even Students of Politics...

Nowhere else in just one edition will you find such complete information!

* The Campaigns - Dozens of Battles from Around the World.
* The Reforms it Underwent from Early History to Modern Day.
* The Undisputed Influence It Has Had on the World Today.

A Complete Resource Under One Cover!

The British Army History and Present.

The British Army Has Long Been One of the Largest - Most Far Reaching and Certainly One of the Most Important Influences in The Shaping of Not only the United Kingdom......But The Entire World!

Now Find out Why!

Put yourself in the shoes of these soldiers!

* In the 1400's would you have been "recruited" into the infantry or the cavalry?

Would you have had a choice?

* How would you have felt...imagine the lump in your throat...when you were handed 14 days of supplies because that was your life expectancy in this unit?

* Imagine being shipped off to a distant land where the most dangerous enemy was not an opposing army - but a simple disease that decimated the troops and the odds of your return were slim or none!

In His New eBook, The British Army History and Present, Toby Carrington-Woods Will Put You Inside the Battles So Closely You'll Almost Hear the Guns and Smell the Gunpowder!

Read how a double line of red coated soldiers made an enemy that had the British drastically outnumbered hastily retreat without a shot being fired!

And find out more about military conquests...and defeats!

* What war was the longest, most expensive and most disastrous of all for the British army?

* Which war was known for gross tactical and logistic errors?

But we said this was a comprehensive guide, and it would be incomplete if it didn't carry you right up to the present day conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Discover how all through history, and even today, the British army quickly adapted...or failed to change with the times...and how those changes helped or hurt its ability to respond and protect!

No other army in the world has had as much impact on the world as had the British Army. While it has often been the third largest in the world there is no doubt...

The British Army Has Always Been #1 In Terms of Historical, Political and Cultural Impact!

* More Nations Have Adopted The British Style of Government Than Any Other Model!

* More People Around the World Speak English As Their First or Second Language!

All Because of the Ever Powerful Influence of the British Army!

The British Army History and Present Puts You in the Action from The Early 1400's to Present Day...

There is so much packed into this new eBook by Toby Carrington-Woods!

The British Army History and Present

It's sure to become a "go to" reference for every student, history buff and political & military expert for decades to come!

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