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At The Crossroads

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Marcus Jackson is filled with bitterness and seeks revenge for his brother's murder against a New York City gang that had presumed he was a member of a rival gang. Marcus joins that rival gang with an eye toward vengence in a world of drugs and violence. But fate steps into his life in the form of a produce truck bound for a mysterious crossroad in Mississippi.

Alone at the crossroad, Marcus is tested and tempted by angels, devils and other souls placed there to accommodate his every desire and fear - for better or for worse.

A pastor puts a blues guitar into the young man's hands and, as he stands on the cusp of manhood, he is suddenly given an opportunity to change the direction of his life. But there are many directions to choose from and he has to discern the right path for himself.

He can turn left, he can turn right, or he can continue on straight ahead; but the one thing he can't do is go back.

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