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A unique collection of poems that are sometimes comical, sometimes satirical, sometimes lyrical, sometimes personal, and sometimes (perish the thought!) political – and sometimes all of these together. A veritable wordfest, tasty and tempting even to those who think they dislike poetry, because all of these poems possess a common theme; whether their subject is the unkillable ‘Coronation Street’ (Britain’s longest running television soap), the plight of prisoners on Death Row, unemployment and the recession, Bristol’s beggars, Anne Frank’s diary, the suffering of lobsters, or Sooty the ravenous cat. No theories are housed in this collection. The personal touch is not just a theme; it was the only qualification for inclusion.

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The Personal Touch - Joe Solomon

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The Personal Touch

poems by

Joe Solomon

Copyright 2011 Joe Solomon

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Grateful acknowledgement is made for permission to quote extracts from Robin Askew’s appreciation of Joe Solomon in Venue magazine’s 1998 Honours List.

Table of Contents


A Profession in Recession : Murdered Darlings : Perfect Crime, Perfect Time : Admin. Hero : Aunt Jane : Dedicated to Sooty – A Cat I Know : Friend of the Family : Britain makes a Stand : Case History


Applications are Invited : Dolly : Gloucester Road Beggars : Oh, the Bother :

Heart Trouble : Long Past Bedtime : Lost and Found : Mad Hatters : Nelson Street Blues


Never Rose : News-Speak : No Sexism Please, we’re British : No Special Mention : Numbers : Patient’s Lounge, Smoker’s Only : Whinging with Bravado : Question-Time with a Great Man : Respect


Rhyme, Gentlemen, Please : Slip of the Tongue : The Signs : So Many Deadlines to Meet : The Beyond-a-Joke Comedy Club : The Clock and the Calendar : The Cosy Tea Shop : The Personal Touch : The Poisoning of Life


The Rule Book : The Silly Things : Timely Warning : Transcendence : What Friends are For : When Sleep Won’t Come : Worst Scenario Man : Young Grey, Old Grey


A Death Row Guard Wrote a Poem : Pen Friendship : Have a Good Day : A Dead Man’s Death : Stupid Girl : A Tale of Two Mysteries : I’m Getting Out : Safety First : Matters of Judgement

About the Author

Section 1

A Profession in Recession

A population of prickly poets,

A babble of bad-tempered bards.

The loving cup cracked down the middle,

If we drank we would swallow the shards.

The Festival Founders are funding,

The scribes search for scapegoats to scrag.

What once was