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From the Publisher

The result is that you end up working to win instead of gambling with your money and playing to lose.

Working at winning may take the fun out of playing cards and gambling, but it will put the money back in your pocket.

So if you love to lose your money, then this ebook is definitely not for you!

On the other hand, if you're willing to sit and patiently wait, and dramatically up the odds to be in your favor, the sky is the limit. The ebook gives you a foolproof strategy for when to BET and when to FOLD. This has nothing to do about any 'gut feeling' or 'intuition'.

This is about always keeping the numbers and the odds in YOUR favor.

The ebook even has a link to all the free online poker sites that will let you practice and see for yourself that working at winning is the ONLY system that really gives you a chance to walk away from the table with more money in your pocket that you had when you started.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

"It was exactly past 2AM when I managed to get to the bar, broke and exhausted after playing Texas Holdem for 9 straight hours.

I was staring into my beer when this lively old dude sits next to me. He says “Good evening Sicily” to the bartender as if she was his daughter.

She smiled, and poured a double shot of the most expensive top shelf whisky in the bar straight up. Neat.Nice.

He looked like he just woke up after a long days sleep.

“Did you win or lose?” I asked

“Actually I never play, I work here.” He replied. “Twice a week as a matter of fact.”

“What do you do?” I wondered. Maybe Night Shift Pit Boss or Desk Clerk.

“I work at the Texas Hold'em Tables,” he replied.

“Oh you’re a Dealer. I haven’t seen you at the tables.”

“I’m not a Dealer, I’m a Player.”

I was surprised. I had not seen him that or any other night.

“Funny I haven’t seen you playing” I told him.

He smiled and after a long drink of his whisky turned to me and said “I never play with my money.”

“Well you can’t play without it.”

I thought about the final hand that took all my chips. And I was so sure I would win with those pair of nines.

That’s when he asked me a question that changed my life. Literally changed my life!"

The book then goes on to explain his system in detail, how he discovered it after years of losing money, and how he uses it today to make his living as a winner.

The research contained in the ebook has been scientifically gathered from the results of a random simulation of 20,583,763,200 games. That's more than 20 MILLION hands.

And we give you the only the TOP 35 hands to play to increase your odds of winning.

Again, more from the ebook:

"So the deal is simple. You sit and wait for a certain combination of the hole cards you are dealt before playing the hand.

Now if you think sitting at the table, folding hand after hand, when people are playing Texas Holdem, winning and losing, winning and losing, think twice. It is hard. Damned hard. After 12 or even 15 hands there is a great pull to gamble, to play almost whatever you hold, no matter what you were dealt.

Just sitting and waiting is boring.

The system is less of a system than a frame of mind you need to learn and practice. It’s all about waiting for those first two cards in the hole that drive the odds in your favor.

It’s about ignoring the other players when they look at you like you have feathers and are laying eggs. It’s about trumping your nervous excitement to play, and stay the course until you get what will in all likelihood be the winning hand.

Then you can lay the Golden Egg all over the faces of the other players."

Published: David Grebow on
ISBN: 9781465823755
List price: $5.78
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