All human brains operate exactly the same, it has nothing to do whether you are male or female, child or adult, nor does culture or religion affect it. The brain operates as follows; ONE PLUS ONE EQAULS TWO, no other way. This is the normal way of thinking by any human being. The Truth will set you free; or simply, the Truth will enhance your brain to escape from the normal way of thinking, to think like two out of every 603,550 (The Joshua Formula.)

A recording of my personal life experience with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I do not promote any religious organization, nor do I have any attention to claim this book as a religious work of art.
It was my biggest privilege in life to utilize my time to read the Bible from Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1 to the end Revelation Chapter 22 verse 21. Thereafter I closed the Bible, took the hand of my Redeemer and walked with him. To hold and obey his commands is the essentalia of Life.
I am honored to know that my life was extended to date with more than fifteen years. Three Coronary Bypass Operations during these fifteen years were all for the good and worth it for granting me the opportunity to write this book.

Published: Manie van der Westhuizen on
ISBN: 9781466138094
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