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Rum Socialism: A Travel Diary of Communist Cuba

159 pages2 hours


Rum Socialism follows author Kris Romaniuk off the resort and onto the streets of Trinidad, Cuba where he encounters street hustlers, witch doctors, corrupt cops, foreign operatives, and host of colorful characters. The result is a week-long bender of booze, satire and insight into Cuban Communism -- a system that is trying desperately to reinvent itself in the face of harsh economic realities of the modern world.

The book also features a recipe for mojitos that is worth the price tag all on its own. Please drink responsibly.

“[Rum Socialism] gradually builds in drama, laughs and tension until before you know it [you’re] flying across Cuban roads in a police car in the middle of the night hunting criminals.”
-- Brian Keegan,

"[...] the book has a strong voice, plenty of drinking, and a voyage out from the safety of the all-inclusive resort in Cuba that leaves the reader both wondering what-if and wanting more."
-- Laura Roberts

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