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A Question of Alignment

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Something is going wrong with the Lottery. There hasn’t been a jackpot winner for eight weeks. Something is also going wrong with the weather. It just won’t stop raining.

Balding, middle aged Tom Fletcher is an unlikely man to save the universe. In fact he is an unlikely man to do anything requiring action, but when the family cat talks to him and then walks through the sitting room wall even he is intrigued.

The cats have discovered that someone from a parallel universe is trying to alter the laws of probability by exchanging Lottery balls. Unfortunately, although all cats are born with the ability to travel between parallel worlds by the simple method of walking through perfectly aligned east/west walls, they are not born with hands suitable for opening doors or carrying Lottery balls.

Tom’s cat, Smokey, (or Boudicca as she has nicknamed herself) has oversold Tom’s abilities to her peers but despite his poor juggling skills they adopt him as their leader and set out on a quest for the mysterious ‘Smith’.

Soon, Tom is littering the adjacent universes with stuff that just shouldn’t be there, creating more problems than he is solving; like how to hold up his trousers when his belt is two dimensions away or how to explain to his wife the presence of a white lace thong in his spectacles case.

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