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101 tips to get DRUNK in Manchester

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The Chronicles of Spaceman

The Central Manchester Slow Pub Crawl

A fools guide on getting drunk in Manchester. This guide was written over the period October 2002 to April 2005. The Manchester pub scene is forever changing and not all the pubs in the crawl will still exist under the names detailed in this guide. The guide does not cover any new pubs opened after April 2005. Beer prices are correct as at the time of writing (assuming drunken memory recalls them correctly).

Inspired by the suggestion of a friend (who goes by the name of ‘barney’) to do a year-long pub crawl of the pubs within the Manchester M60 ringroad (bit excessive that), spaceman has decided to undertake the honour of a pub crawl around the whole of central Manchester. There was never an intended time limit on this great task. Instead, the pub crawl was be done over a number of weeks and months (or even years, hence the word ‘slow’) making sure that every single pub and bar is visited. In the end, it took them a mere two and a half years.

Truly, it was an epic.

This e-book tells the tale.

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