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Jack Dervish, Super Spy

282 pages4 hours


Four-year-old Jack Dervish’s super spy parents disappeared without a trace...

...And now, at twelve and after years of living alone in his parents’ super-spy lair, training in every manner of super-spy skills, Jack decides he must attend school. After all, how will he foil the international crime syndicate and fight global evil if he can’t even pass as a normal, youngish Londoner?

Unfortunately, he quickly catches the attention of the Homeland Security Office, along with the meanest bullies at St. John’s Preparatory School. His only hope lies in his new friends, Isobel, William and Squid, and the super spy skills Jack never bothered to least not against actual people.

Action. Adventure. Romance. Will Jack manage to find his parents, save his friends and win the girl? Or will the evil mastermind following him turn him into an enemy of the state? A funny, quirky story with an unforgettable new hero.

children's fiction, juvenile fiction, middle grade, British school, England, English school, spy, spy kids, adventure kids, sherlock holmes

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