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A Break With The Past

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Madison is anxious to unravel past events after suffering traumatic amnesia as a result of a car accident. When handsome Frenchman, Jacques turns up on her doorstep claiming to be her fiancé, Madison becomes even more desperate to recover her short term memory. Faced with two choices, she can either accept his word or send him packing. Although Jacques alleges Madison left him for another guy, he maintains he still loves her and he is determined to discover the other guy’s identity.

Madison refuses to believe she would ever two-time Jacques and, on instinct and with the encouragement of others, she agrees to accept his invitation to holiday on an exotic Greek island. And Jacques promises not to refer to past issues until her short-term memory is restored. But once on the island events overtake her and the mystery deepens.

'A Break with the Past' tells of Madison’s doubts and fears which, at times, conflict with Jacques’ enduring pride. What will be the outcome? Is there another guy and, if so, how is he involved?

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