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The Sun Signs of Miranda Moon

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Star-Crossed Lovers

When the last single woman leaves Badger Creek, Idaho, the town's bachelors panic. Her boyfriend decides to follow her to the big city to win her back, and his buddies go along to help.

Miranda Moon, an astrology-consumed self-taught interior decorator has her own ideas of what city life should be all about--namely, finding a wealthy, debonair soul mate. A single-minded cowboy has no place on her astrological chart.

Cody McCord is in the city simply to help his lovelorn friend from doing anything foolish. He's reconciled to being a bachelor forever, plus he's learned his lesson about city women. Once was enough, and a flighty, candle-burning, mantra-chanting stargazer is as appealing to him as a three-headed rattler.

But the stars don't always line up according to one's wishes. Believe in them or not, sometimes stronger forces are at work than the hopes and plans of mere mortals.

Bonus Material: A "Sun Signs Compatibility Chart" for all readers.

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